All About Acne

Acne affects all of us. It’s one of the most common conditions I see as a dermatologist. Although it’s not dangerous, the symptoms and sequelae can have a greater impact on one’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

It’s often not acne, but the hyperpigmentation and scars from acne that are the most bothersome, especially in skin of colour individuals. The darker the skin, the more likely it will hyperpigmented and potentially scar.

A common misconception is that acne is caused by being unsanitary or not cleansing enough. Dirt, oil, and makeup can clog pores and contribute to acne, but the aetiology of acne is complex and multifactorial. Factors such as genetics, hormones, environment, even stress, and diet can play a role.

Treatment is based on the type and severity of acne.

For mild acne, topical treatment is recommended. For more extensive and severe acne, it often involves a combination of topical and oral medications. Acne has no cure, and therapies take time. But with proper treatment, your skin can significantly improve.

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