Dr Nivana Ramlachan specializes in many fields of dermatology, and is qualified to treat thousands of rare and common skin conditions.

Medical Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology is a constantly expanding field that addresses the cosmetic desires of patients who seek to enhance their appearance but do not have any underlying medical condition. Dr. Nivana Ramlachan provides a range of cosmetic procedures and employs advanced technology and techniques to achieve optimal results for her patients.

Procedural Dermatology

Procedural dermatology encompasses the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to the skin, hair, nails and oral cavity. As a highly skilled medical specialist, Dr Nivana Ramlachan is trained to help treat thousands of different types of skin diseases – rare and common conditions – for all age groups.

MOHS Surgery

MOHS surgery is a specialized procedure to treat skin cancer. The procedure involves cutting away thin layers of skin. Each thin layer is looked at closely for signs of cancer. The process is repeated until there are no signs of cancer present. The goal of MOHS surgery is to remove all of the skin cancer without hurting the healthy skin around the area.

LCM Skin & Laser Treatments

Dr Nivana Ramlachan is part of the leading Specialist Dermatologists who provide oversight and supervision on specialized treatments provided by LCM Skin & Laser Clinic.

With her extensive knowledge and experience, Dr Nivana Ramlachan is able to develop personalized treatment regimens that are tailored to each patient’s unique skin requirements.

Whether you are seeking to address a specific skin concern or simply improve the overall health and appearance of your skin, Dr Ramlachan will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your individual needs.

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