Sweat Reduction

Sweating can be difficult to treat because you have to find the right course of treatment for you. The doctor will generally recommend a non-invasive treatment first.

Sweat Reduction

Some doctors will recommend changing your lifestyle a bit to help improve your symptoms. Things that make your sweating worse, like spicy foods, should be avoided. Avoid wearing tight-fitting or restrictive clothing, as well as clothing made from man-made fibres, like nylon. White or black clothing may help reduce the signs of sweating. Use antiperspirant instead of deodorant and get armpit shields that absorb sweat and protect your clothes.

Sometimes anxiety can be a factor that makes your sweating worse. In this case, medication may not be prescribed because it may increase the sweating; however, the doctor will recommend that you go for therapy to help with the anxiety.

If you have excessive sweating that affects your hands and feet, Iontophoresis may help. The affected areas are treated with a weak electric current passed through water or a wet pad. This helps block the sweat glands. This form of treatment is not painful; it may just cause mild discomfort and possible skin irritation.

Special over-the-counter antiperspirants or prescription sprays, lotions, and roll-ons can help control the symptoms of sweating. There are also some medications that can help stop the sweat glands from producing excessive sweat.

Sweat Reduction

Some doctors may recommend Botox. Botox injections can temporarily stop the nerves from triggering sweating. This procedure has been approved for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating.

A more invasive method of treatment includes surgery.
Surgery is usually a permanent solution to excessive underarm sweating. There are a few different surgical procedures a doctor may choose to treat your sweating.

One of the procedures is Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS). ETS is usually used to treat cases of sweating that affect the palms and armpits. This procedure involves making small incisions on the side of the chest cutting or clipping the nerves that control sweating.

Another procedure involves removing or destroying the sweat glands. This procedure is generally performed to reduce the sweating in the armpits. The doctor may make an incision in the armpit and scrape away or cut out the sweat glands. The doctor may insert a laser device under the skin through a small incision that will destroy the sweat glands.

Alternatively, the doctor may use a probe that is held above the skin, which emits electromagnetic radiation that destroys the sweat glands. These procedures will usually be carried out under local anaesthetic.

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